Our yogurt is organic, live with probiotics & completely natural.

How is our yogurt different to most other organic yogurts out there?

Our yogurts are made with care and attention in our small farm dairy using milk that comes straight from the cows into the dairy, so couldn’t be fresher! It is pasteurised but not standardised or homogenised, before making into a range of yogurt products using special blends of probiotic cultures, without any additives to thicken or emulsify. We then carefully pour our yogurt into bottles and pots by hand.

Natural pouring yogurt

Our staple product, full of friendly bacteria with a fresh, tangy flavour.

* pour it on cereal, fruit or puddings or glug a glassful for a gut-friendly snack!

* make your own smoothies and lassi drinks,

* use as a salad dressing (add herbs, cumin or garlic) or marinade

* Swirl a little into a steaming bowl of your favourite soup!

* use in baking; ideal in naan, scones, cakes & quiches,

* Cool down a curry - for those who find a vindaloo too much—just add pouring yogurt!

Drinking yogurt – full of pure goodness, these fresh and fruity drinks are perfect for a nutritious snack, healthy breakfast or light lunch. Contact us for an up to date list of flavours.

Potted yogurt – our Thick and Tasty natural yogurt is another staple and has a fresh tangy flavour, and of course no additives to thicken it. We also do a strawberry version and a Natural set yogurt for selected customers.


Court Lodge Labneh

Middle Eastern Yogurt Cheese. Popularised by Yotham Ottolenghi, labneh is thick & spreadable, made by straining our bio yogurt to make a tangy creamy cheese.

Delicious used for dips and spreads - season with herbs of your choice (parsley, tarragon, fresh mint….), lemon juice, garlic. Ideal for quick canapes, with smoked salmon, celery, nuts.

Once you discover Labneh, you’ll find so many ways to enjoy it!

See the Ideas and Recipes page for more delicious tips!