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We choose organic for the wildlife, for us and for you.

For our produce to be called organic, it has to be produced according to legally-binding rules that not only ensure high animal welfare, but also guide farming best practice.


For the wildlife...

We do not use any herbicides, insecticides or fungicides - and no artificial fertiliser - the only fertiliser is the manure from our own cows. This means our organic farm is a haven for wildlife and provides homes for many plants, insects, bees, birds, mammals & invertebrates (including some rare ones!) We love to see our land as a beautiful flourishing ecosystem so we aim to work in balance with nature.


For us and our cows...

We enjoy working in a beautiful landscape and do not have to handle agrochemicals.

‘Compassion in World Farming’ recommends organic dairy farming as having the highest standards of animal welfare. Our cows spend as much time as possible outside grazing and only come into cosy straw barns in winter when the weather is bad and the grass is no longer growing.


For you...

You can be sure that our dairy products are pure and don’t contain artificial colours, additives, thickeners, GMOs or ‘processing aids’. Research has shown that no system of farming has milk with higher nutrient levels, especially omega-3 fatty acids that can provide powerful health benefits for body and brain.

Organic farmers don’t give their livestock routine antibiotics so the risk of the spread of antibiotic resistant bugs is reduced.

We say NO to industrial farming, to agrochemicals affecting people, wildlife and water, join us in using your power of positive purchasing and buy organic.

We are committed to upholding Soil Association for Farming & Growing as well as Food & Drink:

View the SA Standards at the links below:

Farming & Growing Soil Association Standards

Food & Drink Soil Association Standards

Why Organic?

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