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A delicious fresh and tangy yogurt in a bottle, with the consistency of cream but a much smaller fat percentage.


There are lots of ways to enjoy this natural yogurt!

* pour on cereal, fruit or puddings or glug a glassful for a healthy snack!

* make your own smoothies and ices when fruit is in season

* use as a salad dressing (alone or with added herbs, cumin or garlic)

* Swirl a little into a steaming bowl of your favourite soup!

* make lassi drinks, blended with cold sparkling water & spices or fruit

* use in bread-making (ideal in naan), cakes, quiches, marinades and pasta

* Cool down a curry - for those who find a vindaloo too much—just add pouring yogurt!

* supporting biodiversity

* contains probiotic bacteria

Natural Pouring Yogurt


Full of pure goodness, a fresh and fruity drink that's perfect for a nutritious snack, healthy breakfast or light lunch.

* contains probiotic bacteria

* delicious poured over muesli or cereal for a luxurious breakfast!

* supporting biodiversity

* unhomogenised

* no added emulsifiers or ‘processing aids’

Comes in a seasonal variety of flavours. Get in touch for further information on the current range.

Fruit Drinking Yogurt


A natural, bio-live organic yogurt made traditionally in small batches  using our unhomogenised fresh whole Cows Milk, and live cultures including lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium. No thickeners or emulsifiers.

Thick & Tasty Natural & Strawberry Pot



A Middle Eastern style yogurt cheese.

Thick & spreadable, made in small batches by straining our bio yogurt to make a tangy creamy cheese.

*Delicious used for dips and spreads - season with herbs of your choice (parsley, tarragon, fresh mint….), lemon juice,  garlic etc.

Once you discover Labneh, you’ll find so many ways to enjoy it!

Click here for more easy Labneh recipe ideas (link to follow)


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