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The Herdsmen

Simon 2021-01-28 15.19.59.jpg


Simon has worked with cows and the Troliloes herd for many years. He has relinquished his full time herdsman duties to spend more time with family and his new dog, Amber, though is still very much a key member of the team.

Archie 2.jpg


Archie joined us as an industry placement from Plumpton College. He loves our cows and has become indispensable and we’re delighted that he’s joined the team.

Pic Paul 2021.jpg


Paul loves cows and has accumulated a lot of wisdom from looking after several herds over the years, he doesn't do a lot of walking so here he is on the quad bike after fetching the cows from the fields for milking.



Sally has always worked in agriculture and loves being outside. Who better to spend outdoor time with than her best buddy Max!

The Yogurt Team



Carolyn has always lived and enjoyed working in the beautiful Sussex countryside. Here she is with her sheep across the valley from Court Lodge Farm!

Charlotte and Roe.jpg


Charlotte is a lover of all things country, a first time Mum and enthusiastic National Trust member.

The Harding Family

Clare at market.jpg


Selling yogurt at Pimlico farmers market

Peter and Jess Run 5.30 2019.jpg

Jess and Peter

Handing out yogurt samples at a Brighton street event.

(RIP Peter 23 December 2021)

Marian & David.jpg

Marian & David

(aka Mum and Dad)

Other key contributors to farm life...

There are many others in addition to the core team who help keep the farm ticking over. Philip, who relief milks two afternoons each week, Rod who keeps our rather ancient tractors going,  Richard who delivers the yogurt, David P who does weed topping and fencing, and Eddie who helps the core team on Wednesdays. Then there are the local contracting teams who come in with their special machinery to do particular jobs such as ploughing and drilling, hedge trimming, hay and silage making etc. The Popovic, Ford and Worssam teams are important cogs in the wheel of not only this farm but many others in the area too, and are important parts of the rural community. And last but not least Breeda, who gives invaluable dairy technology advice!

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