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 Our friendliest cow. 

meet Victoria...

Victoria (who has had two sets of twins) is an Aryshire cow. This means she has lovley brown and cream colouring.  Our herd is a mixture of Friesian (black and white) & Aryshire. Aryshire cows produce lovely, creamy milk which has been associated with 'good, healthy fats'.

Our herd is called 'Trolliloes' after a local stream at Bodle Street where we had our very first herd. Many of the cows are named after unusual moths as David is fascinated by moths.

It is a closed herd which means all our cows are bred here at the farm. 


  Our cows have access to pasture (when weather and ground conditions permit) and are truly free range

 Our cows have plenty of space – which helps to reduce stress and disease. 

 Our cows are grass fed..they are fed a diet that is as natural as possible and free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs).


 Our cows graze and forage naturally on organic pasture (grasses and other crops) where only natural fertiliser (our own farm manure) are used and no pesticides, insecticides or fungicides. 

 Our cows are never given hormones to make them grow more quickly. 

 Our cows are never produced from cloned animals. 

 Our cows are not routinely given antibiotics. 

Farm animals now account for almost two-thirds of all antibiotics used in the EU.

These are passed to us through the food chain. 

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